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Game Theoretic Motion Planning for Multi-Robot Racing (DARS 2018)

Authors: Zijian Wang, Riccardo Spica and Mac Schwager.

Paper download: PDF

This page contains supplement video materials of the paper.

Experiment Video with Four Quadrotors

Video 1

Simulation Scenario (a): faster MPC vs slower GTP

Video 1 (16:51)

Video 2 (29:08)

Video 3 (15:55)

Video 4 (20:43)

Simulation Scenario (b): faster GTP vs slower MPC

Video 1 (1:37:19)

Simulation Scenario (c): faster GTP vs slower GTP

Video 1 (13:53)

Video 2 (1:10:43)

More: faster GTP vs slower GTP, 2 maximal game iterations

Video 1 (6:17)