Cooperative Object Transport in 3D with Multiple Quadrotors Using No Peer Communication

  address = {Brisbane, QLD},
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  isbn = {978-1-5386-3081-5},
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  abstract = {We present a framework to enable a fleet of rigidly attached quadrotor aerial robots to transport heavy objects along a known reference trajectory without interrobot communication or centralized coordination. Leveraging a distributed wrench controller, we provide exponential stability guarantees for the entire assembly, under a mild geometric condition. This is achieved by each quadrotor independently solving a local optimization problem to counteract the biased torque effects from each robot in the assembly. We rigorously analyze the controllability of the object, design a distributed compensation scheme to address these challenges, and show that the resulting strategy collectively guarantees full group control authority. To ensure feasibility for online implementation, we derive bounds on the net desired control wrench, characterize the output wrench space of each quadrotor, and perform subsequent trajectory optimization under these input constraints. We thoroughly validate our method in simulation with eight quadrotors transporting a heavy object in a cluttered environment subject to various sources of uncertainty, and demonstrate the algorithm’s resilience.},
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