Distributed Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization for Collaborative Manipulation

  address = {Cambridge, United Kingdom},
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  url = {https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9620665/},
  abstract = {We present a distributed method for contactimplicit trajectory optimization which enables a group of robots to collaboratively manipulate an object through contact. Each robot computes its torques and contact forces locally to manipulate the object while communicating with its neighbors over a wireless network. While the global collaborative manipulation problem consists of multiple sets of non-smooth contact dynamics constraints for all robots, each robot in our method considers only its own contact dynamics constraints without those of other robots in its trajectory optimization problem, enabling each robot to ef´Čüciently compute its forces and torques. Our approach does not require each robot to share its torques, objective functions, and local constraints with other robots. We demonstrate our method in the manipulation of a sliding rod along a surface with friction, as well as in the manipulation of an object falling under gravity by a group of quadrotors.},
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