Distributed information gathering policies under temporal logic constraints

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  url = {http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7403291/},
  abstract = {In this work, we present an algorithm for synthesizing distributed control policies for networks of mobile robots such that they gather the maximum amount of information about some a priori unknown feature of the environment, e.g. hydration levels of crops or a lost person adrift at sea. Natural motion and communication constraints such as “Avoid obstacles and periodically communicate with all other agents”, are formulated as temporal logic formulae, a richer set of constraints than has been previously considered for this application. The mission constraints are distributed automatically among sub-groups of the agents. Each sub-group independently executes a receding horizon planner that locally optimizes information-gathering and is guaranteed to satisfy the assigned mission specification. This approach allows the agents to disperse beyond inter-agent communication ranges while ensuring global team constraints are met. We evaluate our novel paradigm via simulation.},
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