Scalable Cooperative Transport of Cable-Suspended Loads With UAVs Using Distributed Trajectory Optimization

  title = {Scalable {Cooperative} {Transport} of {Cable}-{Suspended} {Loads} {With} {UAVs} {Using} {Distributed} {Trajectory} {Optimization}},
  volume = {5},
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  url = {},
  abstract = {Most approaches to multi-robot control either rely on local decentralized control policies that scale well in the number of agents, or on centralized methods that can handle constraints and produce rich system-level behavior, but are typically computationally expensive and scale poorly in the number of agents, relegating them to offline planning. This work presents a scalable approach that uses distributed trajectory optimization to parallelize computation over a group of computationally-limited agents while handling general nonlinear dynamics and non-convex constraints. The approach, including near-real-time onboard trajectory generation, is demonstrated in hardware on a cable-suspended load problem with a team of quadrotors automatically reconfiguring to transport a heavy load through a doorway.},
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