Localization of a Ground Robot by Aerial Robots for GPS-Deprived Control with Temporal Logic Constraints

  title = {Localization of a {Ground} {Robot} by {Aerial} {Robots} for {GPS}-{Deprived} {Control} with {Temporal} {Logic} {Constraints}},
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  url = {http://link.springer.com/10.1007/978-3-319-50115-4_46},
  abstract = {In this work, we present a novel vision-based solution for operating a vehicle under Gaussian Distribution Temporal Logic (GDTL) constraints without global positioning infrastructure. We first present the mapping component that builds a high-resolution map of the environment by flying a team of two aerial vehicles in formation with sensor information provided by their onboard cameras. The control policy for the ground robot is synthesized under temporal and uncertainty constraints given the semantically labeled map. Finally, the ground robot executes the control policy given pose estimates from a dedicated aerial robot that tracks and localizes the ground robot. The proposed method is validated using a two-wheeled ground robot and a quadrotor with a camera for ten successful experimental trials.},
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